Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education
Interservice/ Industry Training, Simulation and Education

Join Aerodyne at I/ITSEC 2018

An exhibition directed to catering for the Training, Simulation and Modelling Industry.

The attendees that are present at I/ITSEC understand that training is a core process in a successful and modern business. In these successful organizations, training is continuous, pervasive, and institutionalized. These organizations come to I/ITSEC to find the resources that they will need to adapt to the new tasks and threats of tomorrow.

It is here that Aerodyne will be showcasing our range of Military Grade Para-Gear and discuss the future of the industry with world-renowned companies.

All activities of I/ITSEC 2018 will be held in the South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Centre or in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Detailed agenda Information for I/ITSEC 2018 will be posted late August so please watch this space for details OR visit the I/ITSEC website directly.

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